Daily Life Around the Mid-Continent Life Insurance Company Building

Mid-Continent Life Collection

R. T. Stuart, right, the day of the Mid-Continent Life Insurance Co. opening, May 11, 1927. 

Vault door in teller's office on the third floor.

Original teller's office, including the vault and employees working at their desks. 

R. T. Stuart's reception room. This room was broken up into two rooms after the building opened, now housing the Story of the Portraits room and the small gallery.  

Executive & Finance Committee Meeting in the board room on the third floor, February 19, 1941. 

R. T. Stuart's president's office on the third floor. 

An employee demonstrating the use of a firehose.

Library and lounge room for gentlemen employees and visitors.  

R. T. Stuart writing a memo on his desk, 1940. 

Two household staff within the original kitchen of the Stuart's apartment on the fourth floor.